Monday, August 18, 2014

My Child, Trust Me

My Child, Trust Me

My child, will you not trust Me 
When Heaven won't make sense, 
And let your heart come near Me 
When you'd rather build a fence? 

My child, will you not hear Me
In the stillness of your soul?
Do not misunderstand the pain;
I long to make you whole.

My heart is broken for you;
Yes, I can feel your pain;
Oh, I know all about you,
For I bore your sin and shame.

I am your forgiveness
And your eternal life;
I knock upon your inner door
To bring you hope and life.

I knock upon your inner door
To bring you faith and truth,
Know your soul is knit to Mine
And I will always love you. 

Heavenly Father, please give us the grace to trust You with every challenge that comes to try our faith on our path in this life. May You fill our hearts with Thy holy peace that passes all understanding through every storm. May we trust in You, who knows the beginning and the ending of all things, that You are weaving every detail of our lives into something beautiful though it may not be readily apparent right now. Thank You, dear Lord, for Your immeasurable love towards each of us. Help each soul reading these words to feel Thy love in their hearts. In Jesus' holy name. Amen.

"My Child, Trust Me" © 2010 S.D. Harden All Rights Reserved. Unto The Least Of These Photo Illustration/Via Pinterest


  1. "Blessed are all who have their trust in Him."
    The more we know Him the more we trust Him.

    1. Amen, David~thank you for stopping by to share your wonderful insights and biblical truth with us on my blog. May God bless you always, my friend. ~Suzanne


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