Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Sea


The Sea

The sea yields up its treasures,
An infinite vast array,
She leaves them freely on the shore
New wonders every day.
Each offering, a masterpiece,
Yet none appear quite whole,
Each a whisper of her love,
Reflection of her soul.

They glitter in the sunshine
Like gems upon the shore,
Some will trample on them,
Their beauty just ignore.
All they see are broken shells,
Litter of the sea,
But others see the masterpiece
Of what those shells might be.

They search the shores to find them,
No shell's too lost for them,
Nor one too broken to be used...
All are priceless gems.

These artists see a masterpiece
In every broken shell,
Though to some eyes they may appear
As refuse out of hell.

Broken shells upon the shore,
Jewels from the sea,
Are beautiful to those who see
Beneath the surface things.
Broken things are beautiful
To those with hearts to know
That everything is possible
With faith and love and hope.


Heavenly Father, like the great sea that delivers up countless broken shells upon its shores every day, thousands of souls that You created wash up on the shores of life broken by sin, headed to eternal death because they don’t know that there is Someone who loves them with immeasurable love, who sees in them a masterpiece, originally made in the image of their Creator who made a way for them to be made whole through the spotless blood of His Son who died on a cross to redeem them.

Father, help all those praying this prayer come to the saving knowledge that Jesus Christ died for their sins and rose again from the dead to be their personal Savior, to give them eternal life, and to create a masterpiece out of their broken lives and give them victory over sin and death

Open their eyes to the reality of Your great love for them and may they be given faith to believe in the truth of Your word.
May You set them free from all their doubts, confusion, fears, and anxieties. Help them come to know You and Your Son Jesus Christ personally by filling them with Your powerful Holy Spirit in their hearts.

May they be filled with Your love, hope and peace that will never fail or disappoint them. From this day forward, though it takes a lifetime for us all, (and may all of us never grow proud and forget this truth)--may they begin to be made whole by Your Holy Spirit. For sanctification, the journey to holiness, is a lifelong process.

May they be given victory in all their battles, and may their names be written in Your Lamb’s Book of Life.
In Jesus holy name. Thank You dear Lord for hearing and answering this prayer for all who prayed it today. Amen.

"The Sea" Copyright 2013 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved. 
Unto The Least of These
*Photos Copyright 2013 Suzanne Davis Harden All Rights Reserved. 


  1. Suzanne, what a beautiful analogy! God truly inspires your words.

    1. Thank You, dear Lana! We serve a wonderful God! He inspires everything I do through His awesome creation. May He bless & continue to inspire you in all you do for His glory. Hugs xo

  2. Beautiful, Dear ~ You are so talented.

  3. Thank you, my beautiful friend! May God be glorified, for He truly is the One who inspired these words. You are such a blessing! Hugs xoxxo


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