Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Overcoming Fear

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see  ~Hebrews 11:1 (New International Version)

            As I walked my dog one morning, we stumbled over a baby robin.  Apparently not long out of the nest, it sat chirping and frightened in the grass, its mother in the trees above frantically urging it to fly.  Since the bird appeared healthy and un-injured, 
I couldn’t help but wonder if it didn’t believe it could fly and was too afraid to try.  Since our presence was frightening the birds even more, I led my dog away. 
The next morning when we went for our walk, we found the baby robin lying dead in the grass exactly where we’d seen it the day before.  Alas, it had never even tried its wings.

 I wondered if we are like that bird sometimes.  How often do we allow fear and lack of confidence keep us from trying to achieve some goal, fulfill some long held dream?  
Like that mother bird urging her baby to fly, God encourages us through his word to trust Him and step out in faith.  
Christ told His disciples that “all things are possible to those who believe.” 
Musician Art Garfunkel once said, “Everything worth doing starts with being scared.”

It’s no shame to be scared; the trouble happens when we allow fear to paralyze us. 
Fear prevents us from realizing our God given dreams, but faith is the key that brings us the courage to achieve them. 

God sows within each of our hearts special dreams and gives us the ability to accomplish them like He gave that little robin the ability to fly, if only we will believe and step out in faith despite the fear. 

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank you for the wonderful dreams You have put in my heart! Help me remember that Courage is not the absence of fear. May You never let fear keep me from doing the things I believe you are calling me to do. Help me to respond in total trust and obedience when I hear Your voice calling me to fly even though I may feel afraid. Help me to simply spread my wings and believe that when you say I can do something, to trust You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

© 2012 Suzanne Davis Harden "Unto The Least Of These" All Rights Reserved.


  1. Thank you for this awesome and timely reminder that "God sows within each of our hearts special dreams and gives us the ability to accomplish them". WOW!

    May God bless you!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog & for your encouraging comment, Brother Pedro! Your devotions ALWAYS inspire and encourage me every day!!! God bless you :)

  2. I really like that, my friend. Thanks for your encouraging posts. Love you ~

    1. Thank you so much for your support, Cathy~ you are such a blessing! love you too! :)

  3. You are very encouraging, thank you.

  4. Thank you so much, Denise! God bless you! :)


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